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    Cheers all and thanks Simon. She's abit of a looker
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    Spotted on Instagram JF πŸ‘
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    Picked up my first Lotus today, absolutely love it....
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    Evening all, Having sold the 190 earlier in the year with some possible changes at work I've had a few months off whilst everything got sorted. Today I'm pleased to say my user name is back to being applicable as I've just collected a 240pp exige and Im in love all over again. Of course an obligatory photo of it tucked up in its new home. P. S thanks to those who knew for keeping it hush hush 😁
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    Welcome back mate. i look forward to seeing it in 2020... πŸ˜‰
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    You can’t beat a good rack Dean...🀯
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    Well said Scott, he is a great ambassador for the sport, and fully deserves a Knighthood
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    You should rely more on recommendation.
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    Welcome to both of you lucky new owners - two fantastic cars Do you fancy a run out?......... https://www.midlandslotus.co.uk/forum/topic/67636-peaks-run-sunday-15th-start-730-am/
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    I too have a new car. My 1st Lotus.
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    Thanks Neil, if you find yourself in Sutton mate, give me a shout.
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    Patent pending? It's so nice when a bit of creative DIY works as intended. We'll done Neil.
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    If its not a steep slope, hard to tell of the Pic, if you went on a bit further and then reverse back onto some caravan type leveling ramps to raise the rear end up to level? Something like this: on mine ths issue isn't the holes in your picture its the ones at the front corner (large arrow) and the water pools at the back (small arrow). Mine only leaks if i open the boot that I've noticed after cleaning but it lives in a garage. My drive slopes upto the garage.
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    Chris if its at all helpful if you can get to mine I can sort this for you?
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    Cheers Simon . Yeah its been a while buddy.
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    I have the CTEK 3.8. I have the connectors permanently connected to the battery with a plug that is really easy to plug in/out. Can't remember if the plug connector was included or and extra. Have used for a number of years now - no probs.
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    Try driving a 2-11 over them! Most are fine but if you’re worried try going over them at an angle πŸ‘πŸ»
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    As a minimum πŸ˜‚ Might get him one ☝🏻
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    So ok I have had a little prod around and may have another go when I have more time. The first picture shows how it was and the second how it is now. I have basically scraped the corrosion from inside the rubber. It is not a permanent fix but it looks a little better and the rubber could probably be stuck down with some kind of silicon / adhesive type of stuff. But I only had 20 mins or so to have a dab at it. It looks better on the car than in the photos to be honest. it will never look like new thats a fact
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    Cheers Jeff.. I ran a Sony unit In the old car that did Bluetooth music. I bought it as instead of a CD drive behind the fasica it had a compartment for an ipod. So I bought a cheap 128mb ipod off ebay and kept it inside.
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    Car looks great and Gaz is great if it’s not to far for you πŸ‘
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    Good decision Chris πŸ™‚
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    Went today, liked it. Didn't take the S1, I even spent the morning cleaning it. I'm getting PPF fitted tomorrow. Anyhoo had a beer and nosebag with a few friends.
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    Congrats Kieran, lovely looking machine.
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    Very nice indeed - definitely a keeper mate! Congrats, and enjoy all the "new car" excitement. It has finally worn off for me, must be about time for a change....!
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    Try Simon at http://www.scottrussellsportscars.co.uk/ He seems to be able to get hold of most stuff
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    All, It has been some time since I last updated the blog. All these years on, the little Lotus is still going strong. She is now 20 years old and looks and drives as good as ever. The love for this iconic car remains. My days of mods and getting under the car every weekend are over I think. I now simply enjoy the ownership experience and driving! Oh, I also do a little bit of polishing - just a little. This car is simply pure magic and medicine to all gloominess. 😁
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    Yeah cost a 5er to get in but it's not the end of the world. Tbf the Β£5 entry gets you a C&M keyring that you can either keep or exchange for a hot drink.
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    Next one is scheduled for 2nd June, location will be Ludlow or Wistanstow. See belowπŸ‘
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    I would recommend going to see him too Alex.... don t forget to take a grand minimum in cash too for all the other bargains he has hidden away.
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    Just how they should have been when they left the factory 😊
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    Now there's a collaboration 'Lotus Porsche' mark 1 🀣
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    🀣 Gav is bloody incredible, I cannot believe someone so knowledgeable and bloody lovely is on our doorstep.
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    Ten years I’ve known Gav and never had a drink. He’s bought me an ice cream but that’s another story.. jeff rocks up and gavs only gone and bought 2 cups and some coffee etc... unbelievable!!!! Even Fish popped up. As if my day couldn’t get any better!!!! You struggle to find a better chap than our gav!!! Top bloke.
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    The size of my rumour is quite considerable πŸ˜•
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    Excuse me OP. Dean it's a box we petroheads all need to tick! Four of us including IanC did it with Tuthill Porsche same as Chris Harris and Henry Catchpole, have a look on YouTube. Incredible mate, incredible. Expensive yes but worth every penny. Half hour drive from Γ…re staying in an AirBnb we were collected and dropped off everyday. First day was technical but fun, second day we blasted around a 6k track snow ploughed atop the frozen lake from 9 til 3:30. No matter how many times we went off (lots) the guys rock up in seconds to drag you out to continue the fun, with a smile! Max time in the cars, that's what they want for you and they encourage you to be as sideways as possible. Hooning is a word that does not do the experience justice. The people who run it are awesome. The cars were amazing and the fact I'm sideways getting it right and getting it very wrong smashing through snow banks in vintage Pork was just fantastic. I think I'll buy one some day and I'll be buying it from Tuthill. Get it booked. The end! Lol how excited do I sound πŸ˜€ You need to properly concentrate.
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    I really must get back to getting this car sorted. I finally managed to get the interior done at last. The seat frames took some real modifications to clear the gear surround and I also some of the new lotus anti Rock spring steel shims (which work). I had to strip the runner down, clean and re grease to get a nice movement but I was still 2mm to far over to the passenger side. Instead of slackening the bolts holding the gear leaver mech and seeing what we had to play with I took one of the seatbelt spacers out and machined a new one 2mm shorter , still retaining the 45 degree internal chamfer that the shoulder bolt locks against. Hey presto job done. Spitfires, pro alloy bits, sports cat and a full service next. Oh the joy.
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    Off to paint! Arrived safely and ready for colour! Should be done in about 6-8 weeks
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    Small progress update ... The Interior has been out, harness bar and bulkhead panel. The side carpets were coming away in places so the old tape was removed , glue cleaned an replaced with new. I also replaced the speakers with new pioneer units whilst the harness bar was out. Of course they sit 8mm taller than the old units so are no pressed tightly against the harness's and the bar. My hand this morning looks like ive had a fight with a feral cat, Harnesses have been washed and boy were they grim.... It's now almost all back in, seats are ready to go in on freshly powder coated rails once lotus send me the right toyota spec bolts and spacers, they sent K ones first even though I asked for the toyota part numbers. Here's a quick test fit of the passenger seat running the msar harness bolt on the single shear side. For some reason the seats look grey in the photo. I've put the original 190 seats and runners in the loft in case I ever want to go back and sell the probax set. All in all happy so far , the painted centre works really well and looks oem which is what I was looking for , without buying a brand new unscratched unit from lotus. The fabric probax also feel allot comfier than my old leather set in the exige, might just be me though , although having an air pump in the drivers is a huge plus point on the comfort front.
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    Can we take a step back here and ask the fundamental question - how old are you Rich? If you are younger than me (60) I would say 'man up', get some warm up exercises done, and continue squeezing into your Exige as neither of your proposed replacements do anything for me at all. Hope this helps? Regards, Andrew
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