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    Option one in Bromsgrove. it will not be cheap but it will probably not be bettered either.
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    That looks mint! Well done 🙂
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    I've used Dr. Bodyshop in Nottingham, they operate from the same building as Central Lotus and handle their bodywork needs, so is familiar with Lotus materials, paint codes etc.
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    Gav's man is very good. It might be worth Giving him a call at Unit 4 as I'm not sure what the guys name is now.
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    I guess its all changed now at the time the 350s had been out for around 9 months so there was very little to pick from second hand. Racepack V6S's at the time were around 45-46 and thats where i was looking. B&C Had one of the very first 350s come up SH at 52 but it sold pretty much immediately. Stratton then advertised an 'Ex-Demo' 350 at 54k and out of curiosity alone i enquired about it and it turns out it was unregistered & had 5 miles on the clock. I assume the demo tag was just a way to stop any issues with healthy advertised discounts on new cars... Did a bit more haggling and got the forged wheels i wanted (which took about 5 months to arrive so i ended up with both sets). Taking into account the mortgage savings / and selling the forged wheels - i lost about what it would cost me to lease a Dacia for a year when i sold it. I had it for 14 months and basically raped it for 6000 miles so in my eyes i got my moneys worth. Looking at the prices of new and SH now though there is no way id be as lucky again on the depreciation hit especially after lucking out on the wheels and the price increases. *edit* Infact looking at 350 prices now it would have cost me bugger all extra in depreciation to have kept it for another year. I guess the price hikes on new 350s/380s etc (and the increase in S2s) have actually held the prices quite firm.
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    You borrow Russ's and ill take Rozzer's - be good to have both 190s there. @kieranexige wouldn't mind me taking his car for a gentle pootle in the peaks im sure!
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    Welcome to MLOC. Make sure the rubber mats have been removed from the footwells..
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