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  4. Just a thought on making them longer it is not easy to cut them back without deforming the metal insert. You will also expose that metal an then it will rust quicker.
  5. Ollie Many thanks for your interest. i was in contact with the prospective manufacturer a couple of days ago chasing them for a response, they promised to get back to me ASAP regarding tooling costs and price. It's certainly doable, by Xmas I doubt it as it all takes time. At the moment my left window is sealed up with gorilla tape as I,m in no rush to go out and spend a small fortune on just one seal. As soon as I get some news I will certainly post. As said I,m not in it to make a fortune, if it covers my costs and a few beer I will be happy, it will be good to help us s2 owners out. i have instructed them that I would like them to produce the seals approx 20mm longer than the sample they have in order that prospective buyers can cut to the dimension required for their own car, probably because I can't see that any two Elise's have the same dimension to the nearest mill. Hopefully this should not pose too much of a problem. fingers crossed.
  6. One of me new manifolds is ready for welding Just shows how incredibly 'unequal' the runners are on the original!
  7. Thanks for the reply Richard Fingers crossed they can make some up. I'm sure there would be a huge market for them if they don't perish like the old ones. Do you know If you will get an answer before Christmas as im desperate for some but don't fancy the bill from lotus at the moment. Cheers Ollie
  8. Hi Folks, Just a note to thank all of you who have come to us for quotations and arranged insurance through ourselves over the last 12 months. We've had another great year and we owe a massive thank you to all members of Midlands Lotus. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic new year! Don't forget, those of you who aren't already insured with us, give the team a call today on 02380 268351 or visit https://www.aib-insurance.co.uk/ Leah Burt AIB Insurance 02380 268351
  9. Not much update I'm afraid. Been really busy with work, garage is freezing so all in all not much chance / motivation to go in there! Oil filter remote head now all sorted, fitted and engine re-filled with oil. Still waiting for door cards but I have made something for the interior. In previous posts there were questions about the roof vents and screws for the roof scoop: The standard setup is the roof vents in the holes and screw heads for the roof scoop showing. Not a fan of the screws showing so I made a thing...... It will be covered in Dianamica fabric to match the roll cage. Should look pretty good when done I think. Looks very stark in aluminium but covered will be much more in keeping. No screw heads showing at least. If it doesn't look good I'll rethink it. Should receive the first pics of the custom equal length exhaust manifolds tomorrow New inverter for the dash dials received from Speedhut in the USA and wired up. All working now. ITBs currently off the car and on a jig to have new linkages and arms made to sort out the fine control at small openings identified at the first RR session. However I have also thrown caution and budget to the wind and am replacing the current ECU (EMU Black) with a Motec . This will be fitted by Daniel of Calibrated Performance in Feb and the next RR session is booked for Monday 17th. If all goes to plan then that will be the engine all sorted. Then it really is just bolting the everything back on and getting it ready for IVA........famous last words!
  10. I run those on my daily driver, never had winter tyres on my Lotus when it was my daily. AO48 tyres in the snow are erm... fun, even with no throttle and just lifting the clutch it was sliding on the camber of the road at pull away, took me from 16:30 until 23:00 to get from one side of Brum to the other!
  11. Site upgraded, any issues please let me know.
  12. I don’t drive my Lotus in winter but I’ve just put some Nankang SV55 on our X5 and so far they’ve been brilliant. Suppose the big test will come when it snows. Most people in this country don’t understand the benefits of winter tyres, they really are worth the hassle of switching and could save your life. I spent quite a bit of time in Germany and they are compulsory over there between I think October - March. Don’t get me wrong their winters are far harder than ours but Germans aren’t wrong very often!
  13. For me, the difference is you can feel the rubber is still supple and keying into the tarmac when it's cold, where summer rubber would feel hard and wooden in comparison (i run AD08R). We did a spirited run through the peak district last week on a frosty morning, and it felt great. And i cleaned it after too.
  14. I have Alpin 4 on the front of my 111r, first thing i did when i got mine 4 years ago. Bridgestone winters on the back.
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  16. Have you fitted winter tyres to your Lotus? What tyres have you gone for? Check out my review on these Michelin Alpin 4s on my Evora GT410
  17. Ollie, I have had the rubber analysed (brother is a polymer scientist). He introduced me to an extrusion specialist company who now have the sample seal and are evaluating it. I hope to hear soon how much it will cost to tool up, initial batch quantity required and cost per pair. What makes the seal more complicated and expensive to produce is the end boot that wraps around the door, since it's two mouldings (mirror images for left and right sides) then the vulcanising to the seals themselves. I,ve got my fingers crossed I can get this off the ground but they've got to come in considerably cheaper than what's currently available. That said, I am still hopeful.
  18. As far as I'm aware it was zinc with a yellow(?) passivate. As with any surface finish, good surface preparation is vital for durability. Possibly that coupled with brake pad/disc dust, moisture, etc. is going to give them quite a harsh time. Powder coating would help to keep stuff like that off the metal, but yes, it will chip given impact with anything hard/sharp. At least if it's chipped, the zinc should help to reduce corrosion as its purpose is sacrificial.
  19. In the end, I have always just put a coat of clear waxoyl on the wishbones whenever I remove a wheel (which is quite often). They don’t look lovely but they are in great condition. It’s a good point that they where plated originally, I’m not sure what sort of treatment they applied, I don’t think it’s zinc galvanising as it fails far too quickly,
  20. I’d be ringing every franchised dealer and tell them what you want to pay. Try Ben & Tom at JCT600 Leeds Lotus, they’re usually up for a deal. Especially in the middle of winter!
  21. Youll have to teach me your ways, the market is worse than 2016 (in my opinion anyway) and best I have got is jus £3k off on 50/50 or 5k off on finance. This is for stock cars too and not a factory order. Still shopping around to see whos motivated. I know that of course 50/50 fianace is a cost but pretty sure you cant descriminate on selling price based on how its funded. Anyway no hurry my end as we are just starting winter but still ready for the right deal should it appear.
  22. So I think the company just didn’t fancy do the job as spoke with another company yesterday with the parts going in today. Will then either clear coat them if they look good or paint them if they don’t. Where do people stand on body coloured wishbones? (The body is more orange than the entire cast of only way is Essex). Only seen the adverts never watched it.
  23. I'm not convinced by powder coating though. I've never known it not chip, and wishbones are obviously vulnerable to stones and gravel attacks.
  24. Since the wishbones were zinc plated originally, is it fair to accept that Lotus had already considered the possibility and decided it wasn't an issue? One of the commonest ways to reduce/eliminate is to bake after plating, so zinc plate then a clear powder coating might be one avenue as the initial heating of the parts prior to spraying would serve as the baking stage.
  25. Out of interest, are you selling the 1M?
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