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  3. Hi Andy thx for the info, all sorted £148. Still expensive but way better price than a flux and a nice chap Justin to deal with on the phone
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  5. I’m there on the 9th Oct, I’ll chivie them on a bit. I’m praying for a long long summer for you. But if not, the rain will look lovely beading on the svelte curvaceous body.
  6. I guess my wait isn't so bad so far then! Just got an update from Tom @ Oakmere, looking at around the end of October, body has been painted, chassis isn't together yet but Lotus will fire over some photos when it is!
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  8. Hi dobbo trackday is with MSV full day at donungton insurance is with flux direct , as broker company is Agias I think. 15 yrs no claims , 3k miles per year , not got agreed valuation , excess £400 and alas no track says
  9. Rickbk, can't help with the question about insurance, but have two of my own. 1. who's the trackday with ? 2. who are you insured with ? I have a tiny mileage allowance but pay way more than that (admittedly with 6 TDs included and agreed value). Ta
  10. Damn. Would normally have been all over that, but out on Saturday night with the boys for beers for first time in god knows how long. Probably not a good idea for an early morning Sunday start! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Think there might be one space left on this Sunday morning's run around the Peaks in Derbyshire....(be an early start though)
  12. I saw it on the Exige facebook group. Yellow Audi
  13. Time Left: 2 months and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
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    S2 Exige Bilsteins. Covered roughly 10k miles. I also have a full set of Eliseparts brackets to allow the to be fitted to an S1 or K Series S2 at an additional cost.


    Chesterfield, Derbyshire - GB

  14. Thanks! Great to have a local buddy! We should organise a run out while the evening s are still doable.... Went out round the peaks last night with a local chap who has an R8 V10. Some nice sound sup Winnatts.... [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Welcome Matt.....I've not been on here much this year with all that's being going on, and I've missed most of the club runs this year, but would be great to see you on one. Fellow previous VX220 owner here too, but I see you're in Aston? Well that's a coincidence, 'cos so am I...... I think I might have seen an orange flash not long ago. Think we connected via Instagram last week.... (I'm @alpinetracks)
  16. It’s funny you say that as I’ve been trying to buy an S1 111S for three years!! It’s still a possibility if I can persuade him to part with it. My powers of persuasion have failed so far. They’re all special in their own way Dean, as we all know. 👍🏻👍🏻
  17. DeanB

    Bye for now

    Drage! Get a nice s1 or early s2 (like mine!) elise - I'm sure you can find £14k down the back of the sofa. Not as special as your previous stable but probably as much fun to own and drive and it keeps your hand in 😊
  18. Haha thanks Rich, yes they’ve all stayed in the UK, which is probably down to Covid restrictions. I’m glad they have to be honest, had a couple of enquiries from France and Belgium but nothing came of them. Cup 260 was probably the toughest one to see drive off, as it took me over 4 years to find one! I’ll be back I’m sure 😊
  19. Try Moris, I think I paid around £200 for a single day at Spa but that was for my LF1 that was 4 months old
  20. richbk

    Bye for now

    Sorry to see you and the cars leaving MLOC for now Drage, but I am sure you will be back . have the cars stayed in the UK ? Good luck with the home move, remember the old saying , you can sleep in a car , but you can’t drive a house 😏. don’t be a stranger on the forum richbk
  21. Evening all . i am doing a track day at Donington on Monday and have discovered I dropped track insurance off my policy in 2018 as I hadn’t done 1 the previous year . My annual policy is £296 this year so I was a little shocked to find Adrian flux could only offer me a 1 day policy at £213 for 1 DAY !. can anyone recommend a better priced company to cover me ?? And almost as importantly is anyone else here booked for Monday, would be nice to see some familiar faces.
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