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  2. Hi Matt, the flooring was from Duramat, I bought the Duratile, I think my garage is about 5 metres square and cost around £500. Looking at the picture it could do with a clean! https://duramat.co.uk/category/all/duratile/ If your getting a final edition Exige it deserves nothing less, what model are you getting?
  3. Love that and especially the wheels 😍 Also the floor in that awesome garage is great would like something similar for mine for when my Fe exige arrives. Just wish I had as much room 🤦‍♂️ Where did you get the floor from ? cheers Matt
  4. No problem, it's on its way....
  5. Chris_edeson


    Please could you email me the guide, i am doing the NC500 on 21/05 chris.edeson@hotmail.com cheers
  6. Reg

    S2 Exige value...

    Well I'm not sure.... it's not advertised for sale. But the lad who owns it replied to my post on Scottish Elises, saying that he's "got his eye on something and everything has a price"... Although he's not replied to the message yet.
  7. Has the option to buy yours back appeared then Reg? I noticed Elaine posted about it on facebook
  8. Yeah #001 was originally a lotus owned car and used for all the press related outings. It's a mica silver car. There's a guy over on seloc compiling a register. Mine since then has had several rover Ks, and Audi lump and now has a Honda k20. It currently sits on a set of nitrons the LSS being removed long before me buying it. If suggest anything you change to keep the originals, as putting back to standard when selling will help.
  9. Cheers Alex, it’s build number 027. Number 001 is interesting, was that originally a Lotus owned car? Is it blue or silver? Have you kept the original LSS suspension or gone for something different? I’m not sure which way to go at the moment, the car is 95% original and I’d like to keep it that way but from what I read the LSS set up is quite harsh for road use. I believe Bilstein will refurbish the original shocks. I’m no track god and the car will get mostly road use, so not sure if to go for something a little easier for the road and keep the original LSS shocks in a box so
  10. Thanks, I spent yesterday changing the old garage fluorescent tube lighting to new super bright LED batten lights, the difference is amazing, you could say it’s night and day! Well worth the effort, although now shows up all the marks on the Lotus paintwork!
  11. Low to Mid 20's I'd say Reg.
  12. Nick, That looks fab! What number is it? I own #001 which no longer has the standard seats or k series lump in it.
  13. Last week
  14. I have garage envy Nick. It's a garage which deserves a car rebuild project. Looks like a great buy... enjoy!
  15. After building a couple of kit cars, one seven replica and a LB Stratos replica Ive been feeling a little bored (not helped by a year of lockdown). As some know I bought a nearly new Exige a couple of years ago, absolutely awesome car and more than I ever thought Id ever own but with it being new I found myself needing something to tinker with. The Exige went a few weeks ago and spurred on by a few threads on various forums of people doing restoration projects Ive gone ahead and bought myself a new 'project' to keep myself busy and out of the way of the wife. Its a 2003 135r, g
  16. The current OEM are Michelin Pilot Sport 4s which may say are the current top dog tyre. Mine will need changing at about 6000-7000 miles, so conclude from that what you will. On a related issue, I think I’ll be putting the 215/45’s on the front when I change. The current tyres look undersized on the wheels.
  17. There used to be stages around Bardon quarry. Car's looking great too! 😉
  18. I know a bit of 'how long is a piece of string' but what sort of money would a 2004 S2 Exige (NA) with 30k ish miles be worth? I'm guessing more than the 20k we sold it for in 2010! Cheers
  19. My renewal this year from Competition Car Insurance via Footman James was £420 inc 6 track days. Interesting you're with Direct Line though as they wouldn't even provide a quote for me, so I ended up with Quote Me Happy (Aviva) for similar premium to you excluding track days.
  20. Hi .. i know this will have been asked but did search and didnt find anything immediately. Just wondered what people were running on their Exige rear 265/35 tyres. I have (I believe the original) Pirelli PZero Corsa's and can see a few others that the "tyre place" are recommending. Dunlop Sport Maxx RT2 Goodyear Eagle F1 Bridgestone Potenza s001/Potenza Sports Yokos - Advan Sport V105S Any advice appreciated ... I mean I dont have a problem with the current PZero's so probably just having analysis paralysis.
  21. Time Left: 2 months and 26 days

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW

    quick shifter /short shifter for all K series Elise /Exige models easy DIY installation (supplied with fitting instructions) stainless steel and ally construction never been fitted price includes postage


  22. I would like a replacement cup holder that's sized to a 250ml energy drink can
  23. Definitely keep us posted 👍🏼
  24. I decided to go for this so will let you know thoughts. decided for how long I want the car for I would do it. albeit felt the sting in my pocket!
  25. I was quoted around the £500 level from classicline. I understood that the majority of people do it without insurance. Am I right?
  26. The prices you are being quoted sound about right, I'm paying £500 with RIES incl. 6 track days for an Elise S Cup with 7000 miles, garaged with a few mods declared and me being +50.
  27. Thanks. Yes I understand stand alone track day cover is around 1% of value of the car. People really pay that? With the cost of insurance and the track day you’re getting on for a grand a day. Maybe I can’t afford track days then 🤑
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