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  2. MLOC Evoras

  3. MLOC Evoras

  4. MFRU ?

    It's sorted now. The charger was wrongly connected ! No idea how as it was ok last time it was on the charger.
  5. MFRU ?

    What Alarm unit is it Chris? The Cobra which is used on the early S2 and some S1 IIRC cuts the fuel pump and the starter motor circuit?
  6. Last week
  7. MFRU ?

    Went to the car today and unimmobised it (99-plate S1 with Bernard Scouse Audi conversion running Emerald K3 ECU). Dashboard, etc did their normal things. Turned the ignition on and the fuel pump primed as expected (fast then slow, then stopped once pressurised). Turned to crank but nothing. No relay click, no chattering, nothing. Car was fine when last driven and has been on the Optimate 4 since then (~3weeks). All Optimate and dashboard LEDs are normal. Headlights are bright. Looking at late S1 wiring diagrams (section MN1 Sheet 1 etc), it seems that the immobiliser, the alarm or MFRU are probably the only possible causes. There's no fuse for the starter motor itself. It can't be the fuses for either the ignition or MRFU, nor the inertia switch, as any of these would stop the fuel pump priming. Anyone got a spare MRFU I could borrow to check ? Would prefer to eliminate that before looking at the immobiliser, unless anyone thinks the immobiliser is more likely ?
  8. If you didn't drive a lotus......

    It would be a classic of some sort, or a ridiculous V8, or big engined Yank point-n-squirt. I do keep looking at the Alfa 4C
  9. MLOC Evoras

  10. S3 dash removal

    Cheers Daz
  11. MLOC Evoras

    Well I picked mine up on Friday, 5 hours back from Edinburgh handled with aplomb. Stereo is pants, doors are massive, but otherwise it's great. Just need to get the SR scheme and it'll be all set...early XMas present for me
  12. MLOC Evoras

    P4n fake taxi edition. Still makes me chuckle...
  13. Happy Christmas

    Happy Christmas to you all, thanks for all you've done this year, both for my Evora and supporting LitP
  14. MLOC Evoras

    Have you Evora owners got pics of your cars?
  15. S3 dash removal

    Might be ok for not having to remove the dash now as with a few trim bits out most of the loom is stripped. Just a couple of wires left to sort. Cool I’ll keep an eye out, can’t be hard to miss
  16. S3 dash removal

    A blue 220S
  17. S3 dash removal

    I wouldnt have thought a flip system was factory fit... Most left with alpine single din systems on that generation.
  18. Happy Christmas

    Wishing you all at PJS Sports cars a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. From Mike & Helen
  19. S3 dash removal

    It does sound extreme doesn’t it! I think it’s a factory fitted system but it has gps and flip screen etc which is far too ott for what I need! Will eventually replace the system for a simple alpine setup eventually. The loom looks like it’s earthed to the clocks which I why I might need to strip the dash apart and decipher what is OE Lotus loom and loom from the stereo. Not many about Redditch! What are you driving?
  20. Happy Christmas

    Wishing all MLOC members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. From Paul, Louise, Rob, Owen and Nick at PJS Sports Cars.
  21. S3 dash removal

    Just waving hello to fellow Redditch Lotus owner
  22. S3 dash removal

    Didn't have to remove the dash in my s2 exige, just used the stereo pins and pulled it out to remove the din plugs.
  23. S3 dash removal

    Seems a bit extreme to be removing the dash! Post a pic, so we can see the dilemma. Personally if I had to remove the dash I’d be leaving it.
  24. S3 dash removal

    Hey guys, I’m trying to remove a fancy stereo in my late S2 Elise and I’ve got to a point where I’ve come to realise that it may be better to remove the dash and pull the loom out as access is extremely limited as it currently stands. Are there any guides for this? I’ve done a search but nothing has come up yet. Thanks in advance
  25. Winter work.

    This made me laugh. Not quite Dean. To be honest i can remove the clams on my car in about an hour for both. (as they are a bit tatty i do not have to be that careful) However i have no idea how long the sill removal will take. I am guessing the second one will take less time. Putting it all back together with fresh paint will be another story though
  26. Winter work.

    It's that long since I bought it I have no idea, will check on Monday. Same as Andy's I believe Russ. It's opened and accessed but in the box still buddy.
  27. New car at last S190 Pics updated

    Electric. Had it installed this year to replace the up and over... Makes it a dam sight easier when I pull the car upto the doors. Sent from my G8141 using Tapatalk
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