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    would like to try a soft top on the exige ,prefer black and a good price/condition .what have we people


    - GB

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  4. Fun watch. Love hearing other people’s experiences.
  5. A friend of mine has started his own YouTube channel reviewing & discussing various different cars. He's just finished a video with an Elise SC Give it a watch and give him a follow please.
  6. PJT

    Lotus Dealerships

    An Elise is ok in a garage, but an Exige really needs a padded cell! 🤣😂. Congratulations on your purchase. Great colour choice. Look forward to maybe seeing it one day.
  7. It will be fine in the rain, early S1’s could get a bit stroppy now and again but it won’t be a problem with your car. Covering the car is a whole different can of worms, obviously a garage is best but failing that there are many purveyors of assorted covers out there willing to sell you a cover for your nice new car. Some say they encourage paint blisters, some swear by them, the pros and cons of covers have made for many pages of posts over the years😀
  8. I've quite enjoyed the Z4, but I only had the 2.0L variant (I bought the car when I was 22, and insurance restricted me to the 2.0L unfortunately). The Sport 220 I test drove really was a step up in every regard (except practicality I guess!). Might seem like a daft question - but with the engine being open to the elements, is it OK getting rained on when not in use? Or does it really need to be covered?
  9. Ohhhh you are in for such a treat 👌. My best pal ran a lovely looking Z4 for 2 years. As a GT type roadster they are great, I am fortunate enough to run a 987 boxster S alongside my exige, which I would but in a similar if slightly more involving category as the Z4. As an 8/10th car to enjoy open top spirited motoring they are great, reliable, smooth capable cars. the lotus is something else entirely. It always feels like an event to drive , be it a 200 mile run to the welsh coast or a 10 miles commute or trip to B & Q. If you “get it “ as I am sure you will, It will excite, frustrate, challenge and reward you all at the same time. Don’t be afraid to take it on a Track day/evening at some point in its time with you , ,if not immediately , it’s what these cars are built for. I am no driving god and my talent runs out way before the cars ability, but have had some of my best times in a lotus at Oulton park and donnington, both local tracks that suit the size and speed of the Elise /exige. only 9 weeks and 6 days to go now !! rich
  10. I lost the will to live half way down the list 🤣 ps I didn't write that much at school let a lone since 😁 yep straight to Gav
  11. Congratulations on your decision and being another Telford Elise owner
  12. Thanks! Bit hesistant to do anything before the car has been run-in, will just be pottering about on a daily basis to get that first service out of the way as quickly as possible. I've had a BMW Z4 for the last 6 years, completely different cars obviously but I've spun the Z4 once in the wet on a roundabout by accident as well so hopefully I've already got that out of my system 😉
  13. Congrats on the purchase. Sounds like its going to be a great looking car. Mloc will be a constant companion and font of knowledge both useful and useless on your ownership journey. I would definitely try and get on a run this autumn to meet a few like minded souls, if we keep pestering him we might even get Jonathan E to organise a late season Wales run, which usually starts in Shropshire !! what type / make of motor have you driven previously? There is certainly nothing like a lotus for connectivity / communication but they do take a bit of getting used to. I spun my 1st elise on a local roundabout at less than 30 mph on my first trip in the wet, a sobering moment having chucked it at every bend in the dry and marvelled at its handling. heres to 10 weeks and counting richbk
  14. Thanks - gave them a ring and they said they'd sort it out for me 👍 Also asked about getting photos of it in production, they asked just to give them a nudge about it in a few weeks time and they can ask a contact at the factory. Would be nice to see! Edit: Tom at Oakmere got everything sent over for me, feels more real seeing it on paper!
  15. I’d expect so - one to discuss with Oakmere surely. I’d be insisting on one I think....you want a deposit receipt as a minimum.
  16. This is the first time I've bought a new/factory order car, just wondering if I should expect some order acknowledgment from Oakmere? They told me they'd only have this a couple of weeks before the car's due? At this point I've only given them a deposit and discussed things verbally.
  17. Thanks Phil - haha yeah - obsessive compulsive Dave 🤔
  18. Top work Dave, I reckon you need to update your profile now though:- Car Type:Elise S160 + Std S1 by no means does it justice. How about OCD S1?
  19. Woo-hoo! The forecast is good for Saturday too, I think 😊
  20. Will give them a whirl as well, thanks! Honestly I'm quite surprised how cheap it is to insure the Elise.
  21. Congrats, you’re going to love it. Try Classic Line, Henderson Taylor and REIS for insurance quotes too.
  22. you should have kept that one Scott!!! it was fab as is DW's
  23. Great car, having owned a VX220 Turbo a 240 Sprint and a 250 Cup I am sure you made the right choice. My Sprint even won LitP car of the show.
  24. Oh didn't know that - I'll email Oakmere tomorrow about it, would be nice! I'll definitely put some pictures up when I've got it. I will have like a 70-ish mile drive to do from Oakmere back to my house, I assume I should take the A roads and not the motorway due to the running in period?
  25. I’m loving the exige. Nice choice/ find
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