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Various S1 and S2 Exige and Elise parts

Various S1 and S2 Exige and Elise parts


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I have a few parts in my garage gathering dust.  Ltip is a good chance to do a hand over to a new owner if anyone wants some of them.

s2 OEM cup holder, perfect. £100

s2 sill covers, no damage, I have sprayed them in some textured paint and the look good, also fine for a recovering. £25

Unipart S1 oil filters, I have a few. £5 each.

Brand new Toyota aircon hoses, the pair which connect to the compressor and go to the sill junction. £40.

Trunking/tube to make a new S1 air intake, from the side scoop to the air box. £5. New

Air tube and alloy inlet, I used it collect cold air from the side scoop and blow into the gear cable linkage. £10.

More stuff as I remember it.

Derby, Derbyshire - United Kingdom

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