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28th - 30th June 2024
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Hpe engined sport160 wvta

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Hpe engined sport160 wvta

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Hi guys. The time has come for me to put up for sale my very special sport160 WVTA 


Full 0 mile engine rebuild by HPE AUTOMOTIVE ( currently done 950 miles since, just finished running in.)

Made 175 bhp and 140 lb ft on dans rollers. Runs and drives fantastic having the original efi euro 1 ecu fully remapped by Dan.

 Honed and decked block, omega pistons, max speeding rods,arp bolts, uprated oil pump and baffled sump, everything balanced,more porting and polishing of the original 160 head, ceramic coated ports,bigger valves, verniers, 285 cams( have the original 160s cams if you wanted to put them back in) lightened billet flywheel and new clutch etc etc etc

 Fully rebuilt C4 gearbox with new caged  bearings and a quaife ATB ( original C6 box included )

And any nut bolt washer that dan didn’t like the look of replaced.

The bill for the engine and gearbox from HPE was £9400 and that’s not including the thousands spent on other parts!

Alloy rad and silicone hoses,uprated fan,82 deg PRT valve.

New 160 oil cooler hoses.

Powered coated fuel tank with new split fire  fuel pump.

Uprated gear gear linkage and quick shift.

Rebuilt steering rack with new cups,springs,arms etc.

Fully rebuilt suspension, shot blasted wishbones and por15, NTR nitrons, pro flex bushes,uprated toe links, new wheel bearings everything replaced etc etc.

Alloy belled discs with pagid rs42s.

Refurbished alloys and band new AD08RS.

Fully re trimmed interior.( original steering wheel included)

New headlights/covers, spot lights, tow post 

Rebuilt heater with new matrix.

Etc etc.

Paint work is in great condition for its age tho not perfect/concours. 

As you can see this is just some of the work done, the list is endless and I literally can’t write everything down. This has been a total labour of love rebuild/upgrade for the past 4 years with the idea being to make the ultimate sport160 to be used as intended and enjoyed.

Still feels and drives very much like a sport160 but turned up to 11.

I’m sure Dan at HPE would be more than happy to discuss the engine work in more detail and confirm the general condition of the car.


66800 miles


Number plate does not come with the car, will be returning it to original number X807WAA




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