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    • This is bloody amazing news!!!!! yesssssssss mate !!!!!!
    • Not sure on the ride height, it was only slightly higher than my Elise and that’s running around 1115mm at the front, and to be fair it was a close run thing getting it on the ferry, certainly wouldn’t have got mine on there. That’s another reason behind my holding off Rich, knowing Lotus they’ll chuck out a new Elise from under the radar, let’s face it nobody had any idea about the S2 Elise when it suddenly appeared at dealers and they denied all knowledge of the S2 Exige and then suddenly there it was. All media coverage has been about the hyper car and that’s great but they keep banging on about how they need to sell more cars and the current line up isn’t going to do that, I’d love to see a new Elan, a hybrid, something to compete with the MX-5, I really think Lotus could pull that off, it wouldn’t surprise me if they haven’t got something up their sleeve, dealer is saying two to two and a half years before we see a new Elise, I’m not convinced. All this talk of what’s going to happen next certainly makes a change from wondering if they’ll survive.
    • Thanks for the write up Jon. With your past cars and years of experience, its good to get a clear view of where the elise is today. i often think of swopping back to the elise from my exige, but can never see a modern incarnation that i like more to look at as they seem a little sanitised, and find myself  wishing i had bought your yellow S1 when you sold it, as that is proberbly the car i would want, with a few comfort upgrades for my aging bones. that orange car seems to be riding quite high, i assume this also helps the ride comfort, but detracts from its looks, and i am not a fan of the led running lights. it will be interesting to see what happens with the new model range that follows the 130 hypercar, hybrid and pricey or internal combustion and lightweight trickery. I think i will keep mine for another 4/5 years and see what exciting route lotus takes, if Geeleys efforts at Volvo are a signpost it could be good   richbk

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