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    • Wow, sounds like there are a few to choose from at great prices.   Or maybe that’s just the market price given the situation we are all in.   Main dealers are having a very tough time selling stuff (though often they don’t exactly help themselves...) and the seller of the gold one clearly needs the cash.    Perhaps better to pay a bit more and choose the colour you really want....
    • Prices seems barmy at the moment! Blue one up at £64k White at £69 from dealer. Plenty of choice out there for some cracking deals! Wow if you’re in the market now is clearly the time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • Yep, that Evora was a flipping bargain Dave, we both would have snapped that up given half a chance! There's something about an Elise/Evora fleet sitting in the garage that appeals. On this Exige, I immediately offered a hefty deposit (I think the advert was about 1/2 hour old ) to hold it until after lockdown but it was a firm 'no thanks' from the owner - he wants it bought and gone quickly, no messing about, that's why it's cheap (he says!). Anyway, as I say, fortune favours the brave, I wil be surprised if it doen't sell today to someone who is close enough to risk a sneaky viewing. Scott, thanks for your offer of help and don't worry, no chance that some crappy car is going to come between Ray and me  EDIT: just seen the latest replies above....my thoughts....I reckon it's about £5-7K underpriced for a private quick sale, in lockdown, in winter, marmite colour. A great saving but you need to be very brave indeed - either break the lockdown law or buy blind He WILL NOT hold it until after lockdown, if it doesn't sell this weekend I think it will go to trade. Even if that car was for sale in the trade, it's a £70K car absolute max;  for example, Castle have an unregistered 410 in Burnt Orange for £77K which you could put on a 21 plate in March (who's driving right now?) making it a year younger, zero owners, zero miles, better colour(?), and that car has been for sale for several months!
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