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    • The N/A will be a big step up in performance from a 111S, plenty of power for a road car IMO. My experience is only based on passenger rides in both, I'm sure Evora owners will be along with opinions based more on experience 
    • Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I couldn't find anything via search... Anyway, MLOC was very helpful when I bought my Elise over 10 years ago (which has been my daily ever since!), but I'm now in the market for an Evora and can't decide between the N/A and S from around 2011/12.

      So what's the general consensus? Will I miss the performance if I go for the N/A? What about the running costs - is the difference just tax and tyres? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
    • It's true that Elises can suffer more than most cars with osmosis bubbles (water under the paint) but that's a monster bubble, much bigger than normal osmosis damage. I think that's a problem with poor paint adhesion due to insufficient preparation. Proving anything though would be very difficult - you could go to some other paint shops for their professional opinions and then approach the people who did the work again. Maybe some sort of compromise cost sharing could be achieved?